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Mickey’s Choo-Choo (1929)

The evolution of digital media





Are you fucking kidding me?!?!!? @anarchytattoo I hope you get your fucking license ripped away from you. This is beyond wrong and unprofessional. You fucking scumbag.

i can’t believe people are actually defending this dude!

dumb people. dumb people everywhere.

Fuck this dude!

One: fuck the owner who wanted to this to the puppy Second: fuck this guy because he should’ve told the people no. Animal abusers. Fuck all animal abusers.

It’s sad and all but what about the babies who get their ears pierced before they are able to have a say. Isn’t it pretty much the same thing…? He’s not abusing the dog. The dog seems fine. I’m not saying that it’s right but I think it’s being blown out of proportion. There are bigger issues like actual animal abuse.

I think we still live in a culture that assumes that men are single by choice and women are single because no one wants them.

Sara Eckel, This is Why You’re Still Single (It’s Not Why You Think)  (via aprettypastiche)


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Please be educated before you buy a pet from stores.

Especially dogs.

Always, always, save a dog from the pound. You are saving a life and renewing your own. They will love you unconditionally and teach you a new kind of trust.


"I’ve never dated a lesbian but I’ve always wanted to"

You’re a man
Why?????would?????a lesbian?????ever wanna date you????
Do you even know what a lesbian is???

What kind of response to “sorry I’m not interested, I’m a lesbian” is this????


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daddy issues
friend zoned
jail bait